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The Short Story Project was founded in the late 2016 by Iftach Alony.

The project website publishes short stories from all around the world both in text and audio, and offers an open stage for upcoming and emerging writers. The Short Story Project staff translates, records and publishes short stories that are read and listened to by over 500,000 people worldwide.

“The Short Story Project is the desire for wandering and discovery, a passion for the spirit of imagination, a passion for contemplation...The Short Story Project was founded upon the belief that reading is an experience that can make a difference. An experience that enables reflection on the human condition, inspires empathy and encourages examination”

- so says the project’s founder, Iftach Alony, in the "Our Story" page.

The project website is always doing its best to promote reading in these digital times and find the best short stories out there for people to enjoy, on different kinds of media. Spanish, German and Hebrew versions are featured as well. For phone & tablet users, both the project Apple app and the Android app are available for free install.

The website contains all kinds of short story genres such as:

Selected stories

Among the many short stories by the world's best authors the Short Story Project publishes each week and month, some of the most well-known recent short stories are:
Many of the works published on the project website include a dedicated recommendation by an established literary figure.

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Story Contest

On August 1st 2018, The Short Story Project launched an international online short stories writing contest with big cash prizes, titled Short Story Competition 2018: My Best Story.

The 2018 story contest judges are Nathaniel Rich, Ramona Ausubell and Benjamin Rosenbaum - all of them distinguished authors by themselves. Here are the competition guidelines and rules:
  • English short stories from anywhere in the world in any genre (sorry, no French)
  • 2,500 word maximum for each short story submission
  • $17 entry fee
  • Submission closes for all writers on September 30th 2018
Winners will be announced 2 weeks after submission ends - October 15th.
20 short story writers will be awarded for their works.
The top 5 writers will be featured on The Short Story Project.

Short Story Project Contest page
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