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First, what is Forex?

Forex is the foreign exchange market. It’s a global market of trading currencies. The volume of trading makes it the largest market in the world, and the main participants are large international banks.
Forex trading is basically buying and selling different currencies in the same time in order to try to profit from the change in currencies.
The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day, Sunday to Friday, and can be quite active in all hours of the day since the trade occurs in different time zones. This fact allows individuals all over the world to actively participate in Forex trading.

All traders know all about the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), active since 1817. Most UK traders know the LSE (London Stock Exchange) very well, since it was founded back in 1801. Some German traders flock to the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB), established in 1585. A large segment of Italians trade in Borsa Italiana S.p.A., based in Milan (founded: 1808).


FX Market Leaders

Founded by a group of Forex traders for whom Forex became a passion, and wanted to help others to get involved in Forex trading, and to have the opportunity to enjoy its rewards. Forex is no longer only for the rich and everybody can have access to its benefits.

Forex trading is not as exclusive as most people think, and FX Market Leaders was founded by people who were introduced to the subject by chance, as they also thought that Forex was only for bankers and financial experts. With time, came the experience and they learned how Forex is actually not that complex when you become more familiar with it.
At the beginning, Forex trading became “a second job”, but later on it became their career, as they left their jobs and created FX Market Leaders.

FX Market Leaders was created in order to assemble the many tools and services one might need in order to start trading Forex.
FX Market Leaders offers a trading course and daily financial analysis and insight, in order to help someone who is interested in starting trading to become a Forex expert without too much work. FX Market Leaders gives free trading alerts and advice on which traders are the most successful and lets the up and coming trader copy the experts, or trade on their own.

What are Forex trading signals?

Forex signals are one of the most valuable tools a trader has, and almost all Forex traders use them, since the signals help make crucial decisions about buying and selling.
FX Market Leaders’ signals system relies on the analysis of trading analysts who make decisions and upload them into the system in a buy / sell scheme.
The signals are based almost solely on technical indicators that FXML’s experts follow very closely and combine them with a broad analysis of the market and current trends.
FXLeaders offer a very popular free Forex signals service and a paid (premium) signals service for more serious traders, who need a faster response time, sound alerts, email notifications and tech support.

Most FXML site members start with the free signals version, then upgrade to the premium signals account, in order to get the the sound alerts, signals by email, 24/5 technical support and an exclusive trading guide (yearly plan). Most FX traders find the email notifications extremely useful, since they include the actual signal details.

FX Market Leaders also offers thorough reviews of Forex brokers available and advise the trader on how to choose a broker. Lately, the FXML editorial staff has uploaded a fantastic section labeled The Definitive Guide to Forex Brokers, which is a real treat for anybody interested in the world of FX trading. The Live Rates page is also incredibly popular. FXML also shares the many Forex trading strategies that can be used in Forex trading, both strategies based on technical data and charts, and strategies based on expertise and understanding of the market. FX Leaders is covering the CryptoCurrency market very closely, with a tight watch on the famous Bitcoin market which is still booming.

Selected Testimonials

Here are some of the responses to the services FX Market Leaders offers:
"I was really impressed with your signals on FXMarket Leaders, your guides in the site are very helpful. With your amazing signals, I hope I can continue my college studies next semester. :-)" Ople Dulnuan, Philippines. March 2015
"Well since the day i have been checking and copying your signals i found it 90% profitable , because of the time difference I follow your signals only 4 hours a day buts its more than enough :) Thank you fx market leaders , you really proved yourself the market leaders or i would say for me fx market champions :)"
Usman Qureshi, Sweden. April 16, 2014
"I've been waiting for this service for such a long time! I've been following your signals for a few months already and they are fantastic, but it wasn't that easy to copy them, and kept missing too many of them. I've never seen such a professional service! Subscribing to your premium account was one of the best decisions I’ve made..."
Genna Frester, Germany. November 13, 2013
“Great work guys and I can confirm that I rode at least 300 of those pips of profits which your trading signals spotted over the last 5 days. It was great for my account. I just need to know how on earth you guys manage it?”
Frank Karlini, Canada. March 11, 2013

Expanding The Service

FX Market Leaders’ services are available in the following languages: English, Italian (FX Strategia Forex), German ((fxmarketleaders.de), and will soon be available in Arabic, as well. The team is working on more introducing more languages, via new websites launched in the near future. On March 2017 the website was renamed from FX Market Leaders to simply FX Leaders, with a new, shorter and more convinient domain. Gold signals, oil signals and the Japanese Nikkei index signals have all been added to the expanding service list.

On May 2017, FX Leaders (the new brand name) has officially announced that it is expanding its services to include commodities and indices. FX Leaders has completed the coverage of five more major indices and commodities by mid-June 2017. On May 2018, the FXL site was completely re-designed and expanded with new features, making it a complete info station for daily traders.

For the past 5 years, the FX Leaders analysis team has focused strictly on the major currency pairs, providing real-time signals and market analysis, mainly during the European and US sessions. During these years the FX Leaders website has gained a large user-base and has grown to be the largest forex signals provider with over 50,000 active members.

During the past year, FX Leaders has been working quietly on its commodities and indices trading strategy which included recruiting top notch commodities and indices analysts as well as testing different trading strategies and indicators.

Skerdian Meta, FX Leader's Head Analyst says that:
"Growing our team will not only help us improve our analysis over new and existing instruments it will also allow us to naturally expand our market coverage to 24/7, covering all 3 main sessions - Asia, Europe, and the US ."

According to Co-founder, Ron Rabinov, the results so far are more than satisfying and the FXL team is excited to go live.

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